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Are you interested in the laws, policies and regulations that impact health care in Nebraska? If so, here are some resources to help you to be an advocate.

2019 Legislative Wrap-Up

2019 Advocacy Day Wrap Up

106th Nebraska Legislature

Congress & Congressional Delegation

NHA Advocacy Resources

  • Each year the Nebraska Hospital Association (NHA) works diligently to shape policies that affect the delivery of health care in the state. Many new policies were introduced during the 2018 legislative session and many interim policy proposals are currently underway. The 2018 NHA Legislative Wrap-Up reviews some of the Nebraska Legislature’s activities since January and outlines priority projects senators are spearheading this Summer and Fall.

    If you have any questions or comments about new laws, existing statutes or regulations, potential policy recommendations or anything related to advocacy of healthcare, feel free to call or email David Slattery, director of Advocacy, at 402.742.8153 or

  • The NHA Advocacy Manual "The Importance of Communicating with Legislators" is an informative guide to help improve the impact of your interactions with lawmakers.

  • VoterVoice helps organizations implement a simple and affordable solution to grassroots advocacy, overcoming the misconception that online advocacy has to be costly, difficult and staff intensive. Learn more about VoterVOICE.

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