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NHA Advocacy Day

Our influence is strongest when we speak together and in unison. Each NHA member is called to be an active participant in our advocacy efforts. We can create great change – together – by speaking up, speaking out and speaking loudly. When we speak together, state legislators must listen and must respond to the issues that impact our patients, our staff and our industry. Together, we can educate, inform and motivate elected officials to make policy and funding decisions that make Nebraska a healthier, stronger state.

NHA’s Advocacy Day highlights the legislative issues impacting Nebraska hospitals and health systems, and how they deliver quality and affordable care to their communities. Additionally, Advocacy Day provides health care advocates and leaders with the opportunity to visit with and educate state senators about how health care legislation will affect them. 

YOUR PARTICIPATION IS IMPORTANT! Having a strong understanding of legislative issues and how they impact your hospital and community is critical for health care executives. Your knowledge of the legislative issues and state health care policy allow you to effectively be a voice and advocate. We will be the most successful when legislators and policymakers hear your grassroots stories describing the realities of health care in Nebraska.