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Real-time admission and discharge notifications. Links provider anywhere patients receive care.

PatientPing is a care coordination platform that connects providers to seamlessly coordinate patient care. Providers are able to collaborate on shared patients through Pings–real-time notifications when patients receive care–and Stories–important patient context at the point of care.  This patient-centered application allows thousands of providers across the country to better coordinate with one another to achieve an even higher level of quality care for Nebraska patients.

This initiative ensures patient privacy and gives providers real-time information about where a patient is being treated.  The platform also allows providers to see the patient’s full story upon arrival at a health care facility, including prior visit history, care instructions from other attributed providers, and any care programs to which the patient belongs.  As a patient passes through the health care system, this information is shared in real-time with other members of their care teams across the entire continuum – acute, ambulatory, and post-acute facilities – regardless of EMR, provider network, and even state, breaking down institutional barriers that have historically created silos between providers. PatientPing’s community includes tens of thousands of providers nationwide.

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