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Letter Informing Patients of Guidelines

Dear Crete Area Medical Center patient,

Crete Area Medical Center’s goal is to give patients the best and safest care. Today about 105 deaths happen each day due to overdoses from prescription narcotics. There are standard prescribing recommendations that CAMC plans to use for pain management, thus, reducing and/or preventing overdoses.  

These recommendations discuss topics such as: the risks and benefits of narcotic use for chronic pain, treatment plans, and medication misuse and overdose. 

If you are a patient that is being treated with narcotics for chronic pain, you can expect your provider to review your treatment plan at your next visit. 

This review may include: 

  • Establishing goals for your chronic pain management
  • Discussion on the risks and benefits of narcotic use for chronic pain management
  • Evaluating effectiveness and /or risks of current chronic pain treatment plan
  • Consideration of nonnarcotic treatment options for chronic pain

As your healthcare provider, we are a partner in your “health.”  We are committed to giving you the safest and most effective care. 


CAMC Medical Staff